In this video clip, Kristin and Mike Meyers discuss why they love living in The Riverfront. Click Here to watch.
Meyers Family

The Tanner Family moved to the Riverfront for the strong community feeling and the activities offered here.”The reason we moved to the Riverfront was for the sense of community, we also appreciate the on going activities for all ages. We love it here!” ~ David, Beth, Kelly and Marlyn Tanner
Tanner Family

The Childs Family likes the convenience of Riverfront’s central location. “We chose the Riverfront because of its central location, not only to the Peninsula but to downtown Norfolk making our commute just a short distance.” ~ Garrett, Marcella, Rachel & Elizabeth Childs
Childs Family

The Drum Family chose the Riverfront for the amenities and strong sense of community. “We chose the Riverfront for the amenities it offers and the sense of community for our family.” ~ Rick and Kristy Drum
Drum Family

The Scott Family enjoys the year round family activities offered at the Riverfront. “The Riverfront is a great family community with year round activities for all ages. We love our golf course view, the Swim Club, the Nansemonster waterslide, the leisure trails, canoes. We love everything!” ~ The Scott Family – Paul, Megan, Jon Paul & McKenzie plus Millie & Merlot
Scott Family

The Pope Family said the Riverfront was the only neighborhood to meet all of their requirements. “The Riverfront is extraordinary; imagine living in an award-winning community with golf, swimming, fishing and great neighbors in a single package. The Riverfront was the only neighborhood to meet all of our requirements” ~ Elon, Iris, David, and K’Lai Pope
Pope Family

Jann Dolan was drawn to the Riverfront by the opportunities it offers her family. “As a single mother moving to Virginia from out-of-state, I was drawn to the Riverfront because of the opportunities it offered to my family. I love the year around activities offered as well as the sports for my athletic Boys. After living here for a year the added benefit was great friends and a fabulous sense of community!” ~ Jann Dolan, Trever and Nick
Dolan Family

The Dyer Family has been looking for an opportunity to settle in the area for over 25 years. “We have been looking for an opportunity to settle in the area for over 25 years. I have always wanted to be near the river on a golf course (Gia always said “on the river near a golf course!”). Riverfront was a perfect opportunity. We love the area and the neighborhood.” ~ Ed, Gia, Gregory and Riley (Dog)

“Here are some the reasons we like living in the Riverfront: We enjoy being members of the Swim Club with all the social activities. We have really met some great people. It is convenient to work in the growing Northern Suffolk high tech corridor (5 minute commute!). It is a short distance to go to shopping and dining locations in Norfolk and Ghent, Portsmouth Old Town, and the Peninsula The Harbour View movie theater is the best around.” ~ Dave and Elvi Dryer