Homearama Opens Its Doors

Stephen alexander homeNine homes this year

SUFFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – October 15 marked the beginning of Homearama – Fall 2011The event is in Suffolk this year and features nine brand new homes in the Riverfront at Harbour View neighborhood. The best part of buying home is of course the shopping around. Karen Baker isn’t officially in the market, though she can’t wait to see what is right around the corner.

“This is an absolutely beautiful room,” Baker said. Baker along with others spent their day Saturday checking out a cul-de-sac of comfort. “There are people that are going to be fortunate enough to come in and buy one of these homes,” Baker added. “They are all ready to go.”

Nine brand new addresses make up this fall’s Homearama. “I just like coming back to Homearama,” Joe Libbon added. “It’s something to dream about, the kind of house I would like to have.”You could call Libbon a Homearama veteran. “I just like the fact that I get to walk around and see what the future holds,” Libbon added.

Builders say that future is bright. After a tough couple years things are looking up.

“Houses are starting to move,” said builder Sam Cohen with Joey Corporation. “There’s a lot more interest. It’s evident by the crowd we have out here. People are interested in buying again.” And people are buying. Already, five of the nine homes are sold and they expect the rest to follow suit. “From what I seen so far, this is a good price range for the style of house,” Libbon added. Don’t worry if you can’t afford one of the homes. You can always get some good decorating ideas for your house. Also be sure to visit the WAVY-TV 10 house while you’re there.